17 June 2020

My anniversary

The first sunset in Malta I saw when I arrived that day to live there permanently.

To leave for Malta

On the second of August, three years ago (2017), instead of a return trip, for the first time I went to Malta with a one-way trip. After all, I decided to live there.

The period leading up to that second of August was intense and emotional. I had organized a kind of farewell party to which I had invited my children, partner family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

So many people had brought a present / gift. So sweet. Some are still in use today.

Living in Malta

Living in Malta for three years seems like thirty years. Because what has happened is really too crazy for words.

Let me give you an overview of the events in general.
  • I moved in Malta for about fifteen times with my partner Szilvia. We lost the exact count. Fortunately, my possession fits in five shopping bags and two guitar cases.
  • Szilvia and I first lived together. After that we went to live separately again. And then we moved back in together, but this time with our own rooms. Great solution,… .. until now. We do not have a long-term strategy. There seems to be a healthy intention to stay close together.
  • We were kicked out on the street once, but quickly found alternatives.
  • The two of us lived in a room not more than four meters by three meters and without windows. Kind of students live feeling.
  • We have set up the company “Warm Home Malta”. About thirty rooms for Bed and Breakfast. I stepped out of this business and Szil continued. Now I am still an advisor to her company and perform some assistance.
  • I stepped out because I wanted to retire early. I don't have to work for money now. Mini income, but enough if I adjust my lifestyle to it. I didn't come to Malta to work anymore. Never lose your focus!
  • Now I write in the morning and sometimes at night. In the afternoon looking for the shade, which I find on numerous terraces. There the writing continues, on telephone or laptop.
  • That's why I started a blog. However, this was hacked and everything was lost.
  • I made the blog again. That was very frustrating, but I wanted to.
  • The purpose of my blog is to create a reference work about myself. I write columns and about memories. I create poetry and music, lyrics, sayings, stories, images (photos / videos) and I write about interesting encounters with people.
  • For several months I could be heard weekly with columns from my blog on NPO Radio 1. Tomorrow morning, August third, I can be heard there again with my recent column: "Summer time - freedom".

My way of life

My way of life can continue. And if that way of life no longer suits me, then I know that I can trust that a new phase will come again. I don't know what it will look like. Needless to know now too.
Surrender and trust, floating on my own experiences. Trust that my intuition keeps me on the right track. Deploying in this way is the key to grow wisdom.
If you are curious about more, I would like to share information about our development. Give me your questions, your doubts, whatever you want to speak about. I want to mention what lives in me. Maybe we can learn from each other.

© TrefMij July 2020

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