18 June 2020

My new normal

Wouldn't you, like me, also prefer to protect everything that is vulnerable and hide it it from unnecessary risks? A bird that falls out of the nest and threatens to starve to death, or what about a nest with young dogs or fluffy young kittens? 

We are caring. We want to protect each other. Especially the weak, such as the elderly and children. The nursing homes with crush barriers in front and the schools closed. 

This care has now turned into patronizing, which is often also quite illogical and contradictory. In the train with a mask, in the taxi without. In the open air, the risk of becoming infected is extremely small, but we also need to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. During the demonstration in Amsterdam, the 1.5 meter did not work and 1 person was infected. The refugee camps with hundreds of thousands of people huddle together and there is no virus outbreak. How strange eh ......? 

The measures accumulate and the coherence and logic decreases. The measures also seem to be getting less and less added value and we are also starting to realize that we are causing more damage than we are preventing. Ultimately, the result is that the support for the measures decreases. In any case, I am completely done with it. I had a different approach in mind up from the beginning. 

The new normal 

My approach in the new normal is as simple as it is effective. Anyone who doesn't want to risk being infected can do the following: 
  • stay at home
  • keep windows and doors closed as much as possible
  • wear mouth mask
  • keep 1.5 meters distance (no sex, no kissing, no hugging, etc.)
  • wash hands constantly
It is only for a while. Until there is a vaccine or pill. Maybe a year. Is that too much to ask? 

The old normal 

Those who are not afraid can keep the old normal. They may take a risk. Yes, perhaps, because it has not even been unambiguously determined how we have the greatest chance of being infected. But taking a risk is a free choice. Or rather, that was a free choice, because those who are now obliged to be protected have no other choice. 

The advantage is that these courageous people can simply go to work, so we don't destroy the entire economy as it is happening now. 

And if I get infected then so be it. I am not afraid of it and I don't want my whole live to be turned upside down. But unfortunately others do that for me now. All the faint-hearted limit my freedom of movement. And fear, as we well know, is a bad counselor. And what astonishment: the counselors are afraid. By government, the fire under our already relentless desire for control and safety is being lit up. And many of us just blindly obey because most of us do. We believe that the world is make-able. Everything in models and structures. Rules, rules and more rules, .......... afraid, more afraid, panic. 

What if you distance yourself from that, sit back and watch it? What do you see then? ....... well, there you are, taking frightened people into account all day and those frightened people don't take you into account. 

What a world, I'll just shrug and I'll get through it. I put on my mouth mask that is already 3 months old and has never been washed. I don’t want to spend more than € 0.95 to behave myself and to reassure the terrified. And am I a bad guy because I try to infect others? Well, if you're really looking for the bad guys, you have to be with those who have infected you with the virus of fear for a long, long time. 

Oh, and by the way ... I don’t wash my hands more and also not less than before. I shake hands with anyone who wants too. I kiss and hug whenever possible. Fortunately, there are still many of those fellow sufferers. Delicious, along with the brave. 

Come on, don't get more scared and scared any longer 
Be smart and sensible, do not queue with the others 

Keep kissing and hugging, never have less sex 
Don't walk on a leash and keep a brave course 
Trust life and let go of control 

Take care of the bird that has fallen out of the nest 
Stroke the fluffy kittens and young dogs 
And don't forget to take care of the brave as well

© TrefMij / June 2020 

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