04 July 2024

Guardian angles

 Nederlandse versie

A week ago I wrote about a kitten who was trapped under the hood of a car and who was eventually rescued with the help of bystanders. The kitten was lucky that I heard her. And then....

Shortly afterwards I woke up in the middle of the night to someone screaming and moaning. I couldn't immediately determine where the sound came from. Just like the sound of the kitten hiding under the hood. I went back downstairs to find out what was going on this time. Near my house, a man was stretched out on the sidewalk. He was the noisemaker and was clearly drunk. He couldn't get up. I called for an ambulance and the man was taken away. He's probably doing better now.

Surprised that this was the second time I had been caught in a rescue in a short period of time, I wrote to the bystanders who helped me with the kitten rescue about this new rescue experience. And as if I wasn't surprised enough, it turned out that one of the bystanders, shortly after rescuing the kitten, had also helped a drunk man.

I wonder what meaning this has? Anyway, let's be each other's guardian angels. I'm ready for the next rescue, although I hope it won't be necessary. To be honest, I'd rather save a kitten than a drunk.

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