15 April 2024

Precious spring

In Malta's embrace, spring unfolds its delight,

Where azure skies meet seas so crystal bright.

Beneath the sun's warm and gentle caress,

Nature awakens in a colorful dress.


Fields burst forth in a vibrant array,

Blossoms dance in the breeze, having their say.

From Valletta's walls to Gozo's serene shore,

Nature paints a canvas we cannot ignore.


Citrus groves perfume the air with their bloom,

While wildflowers flourish, dispelling gloom.

Azure waters beckon, inviting and clear,

Whispering secrets only springtime can hear.


As the sun dips low in the golden west,

Malta's springtime beauty is truly blessed.

In every hue, in every scent that's unfurled,

Spring in Malta is a precious, vibrant world.

© TrefMij april 2024

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