02 February 2021


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It was on a rather busy terrace that someone asked me if I he could join me at my table. He added if I wanted him to wear a mouth cap. I was immediately very curious and said: "Forget that mask, sit down and please explain to me why you ask."

He sat down and started to tell: “I have been vaccinated and therefore not sure if I have corona. Also, I don't know if you're vaccinated, which is also none of my business, but I just don't want to infect you." I was pleasantly surprised and offered him a drink. We ordered a beer.

“Do you believe in the effect of those mouth caps?” I asked him. "Ah you know?" he continued: “The academics were rolling around the street about its effectiveness and no one really knew. In the end it was sold to us under the guise that it would not primarily protect yourself, but could help to prevent infecting others. And do you know what I like so much? ”: He said with raised arms:“ Also the opponents showed solidarity, if only to avoid a ticket, but still. There was that feeling that only together we would defeat corona. Fantastic, right? ”

“And you know what I also love so much? That everyone has voluntarily been allowed to make his/her own choice whether or not one wants to be protected against the possible excesses due to corona. Respect for the free will and self-determination of the individual. Isn't that essential?"

I sat listening to him with increasing amazement and pleasure and he continued: “We are waiting for the moment that everyone who wants to be vaccinated, indeed is vaccinated. Up from that moment nobody has to wear mouth masks anymore. It's not that far yet.  So because I have been vaccinated, I can have corona without noticing it and thus infect people who have not yet had a chance to protect themselves. Hence my question to you if you want me to wear a mouth cap." 

"I will be so happy if all other measures will be ended soon. No vaccination certificate, no need to prove that I am healthy and if I feel sick I will stay at home. I want to go back to the original normal.” We raised our beer and said, "Let's drink to that."

Suddenly I opened my eyes and thought: “A vaccinated person asking me if I want him to wear a mask; wow, that's solidarity! And back to the original normal. Is that still possible?"

Waking up I wondered: "Was this a nightmare, or was it a to good to be true dream.....?"


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