01 July 2020

To set a good example

Usual terrace

It is about half past ten and the sun is on the way to more strength. I am on my usual terrace and have a nice ice cold beer in front of me, as a run-up to number two. In this heat such a golden rascal can’t be denied. The temptation and the addiction, I should write something about that, I just realized.

Too heavy

Then I notice a mother and her son crossing the street. They are talking intensively and walk towards the terrace. Mommy is 30 or a little bit more. In any case, she has a few more pounds. The boy about 8 or 10 years old, trudges after her. He is rather heavy for his age. Anyway, it does not concern me. Moreover, that was not the reason why my eye was caught by them. No, here in Malta about 80% of the people are overweight. And you know, I hear people say this about themselves. I just confirm it.


No, the couple caught my eye because the kid obviously wanted something from that bar. I don't understand a word of their conversation, but I do feel the atmosphere .... The little man whining. Mommy lets her kid in with a sigh. 

The kid is clearly in charge now and I'm curious how this continues. I think about it and I suspect that he will probably look for something sweet. The Maltese are font of sweets.

Mama enters the bar behind him. My eyes wander in another direction. I let it go and take another sip of my second beer that has just arrived. A little later mom and her youngster come out again. The kid is walking with a bottle of Coke. He seems to be in a hurry and suddenly I understand why. Mama accelerates her step and deftly takes the bottle of Coke from her son. She drinks it almost in one gulp .....


This scene gave me the impression that mama thought half a bottle was enough for her son and she liked the other half. Mommy wanted to set a good example. Or perhaps a bottle of water against thirst would have been a more sensible choice…?

But who am I with my 1 meter 90 and 72 kilos, to judge others, because now that my second beer is already halfway, I am thinking of one more. Indeed, start writing about seduction and addiction, I admonish myself.

© July 2020 TrefMij

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