21 June 2020


The vagabond

The vagabond is known as a tramp, a bum, a beggar, but also as a rabble. Yet that is only a prejudice. The Tramp may well be a whistler, a lounger, and an eccentric, solitary figure. Still, the vagabond isn't a bad person. The vagabond chooses freedom and does not want to be bound.

A vagabond is a civilized freethinker. A kind, easy man, who does not fit the standards of society. Not a dark, unreliable figure that should especially be watched. No, the vagabond is a normal and good person who needs:
  • Own direction / deregulation (autonomous and independent)
  • Giving up power
  • Resistance
  • Mildness

Own direction / deregulation

The vagabond goes beyond everyday bourgeois thinking, so beyond the rational calculating thinking with which we work our way through life. A way of thinking, a form of imagination in which much more is possible by taking different positions. Then you're going to be vagabond.

Follow your own way. Follow the sun, go to your own horizon. The path is not your own path, but the path of chance. The path defines the way. As a vagabond you do not choose your own path, but you indulge in a certain amount of disorder. If you choose a side path, you must be willing to let that path dictate your way. You don't know where you are going. The path dictates the new way. The new way of being on the road. And also your new way of thinking, of experiencing, of meeting, of making contacts. And that is what many people do, they leave at random. They do not completely surrender to chaos, but will again define a certain new track based on the road that shows them that track.

Giving up power

It has to do with power. No longer wanting to participate in power processes, but also handing over power and surrendering to the things that come your way. Those are all the little things. Finding beautiful stones, meeting people, observing a bird looking for food, be touched by a beautiful a view. All those little things and events tell you a story. And making those stories very important and surrendering to them, is relinquishing a form of your power. Dare to be powerless. Show yourself receptive. If anyhow you want to be amazed in life, you have to give up your power, that is, your expectations. Just see how it goes.

Our society is very much based on power and on the distribution of powers. An important element of a vagabond is to hand over power and surrender to the things that come your way.


The vagabond does not want to participate in society. He is someone who ignores the standards and the socio-cultural achievements. He wants to be respected, just like he respects everyone.

There is no rebellion in the vagabond's resistance. There is only that strong urge to do it differently, without condemnation. Do not bother others with thinking and acting differently. The vagabond wants to be found normal and allowed to be different.

The real vagabond does not bind, it cannot be captured.


The vagabond is mild by nature. He has a gentleness in dealing with people, but also a gentleness in dealing with the things that are there, such as being careful with everything. We want so much to exercise power over each other. But the vagabond does not want to improve the world. The vagabond wants to live his / her own life. Leaving the world to itself. Just for what it is.

However, the vagabond can show the world that the path he is taking is very good. He can be an example to others and inspire them to be a vagabond.

The starling

For this Vagabond movement, I thought about a symbol. I thought of a bird because of the freedom and vulnerability of these fluttering creatures, just like the vagabond is.

On June 20, 2020, I could not recall the word “vagabond”. I went up the stairs in my house to my room and unexpectedly uttered the word vagabond; just in the exact same moment when a bird like a starling flew from my room through the staircase down into the kitchen / living room. So the word “vagabond” came to my mind at exactly that moment.
Did this bird send me a message? This bird also flew into my house just before the solstice. I cannot see and experience this bird as the messenger. The bird came to tell me that I am the vagabond.

The starling has therefore become the symbol of the this vagabond movement. Partly because of various other properties of the starling. The starling simply adapts. The starling can imitate other birds and animals. The starling is on its way and is traveling the world in large groups. The starling stands for dynamism, development. The starling is autonomous in the group. Every starling follows the way. The starling is always on the way. Not a single starling knows which way. Still, movement patterns arise with the group. Flocks of starlings, who doesn't know them. Beautiful, orchestrated displays of a play of dark and light.

Speak for your self

Many people feel that something is not right in what we are doing and how we are doing it. That it has to change. What do you feel right now? Do you ever think about breaking out? Deviating from the beaten track? Not that you want to immediately mess up your whole life, but to look at things from a different perspective. Try something new. Do it differently than what you think is expected of you. Are you really happy with your job, with your relationship, with your prospects? Do you ever think about turning things around?

If so, don't stay hidden in your own head. Come out with those thoughts and feelings. Sharing it with others is completely safe and harmless. And expressing thoughts and feelings usually gives a better view of things.

Sharing your deepest feelings about unrest in yourself with someone else can be a first step towards a new direction, or the last. That is entirely up to you.

Me and other vagabonds like to think along with you about what your “Handbook for those who don't want to stick to anything” might look like ………

© TrefMij June 2020

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