17 December 2021

My Christmas message of 2021

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This is my Christmas message of 2021 and it is for everyone who is interested in my life....

What a year!

2021 was a very eventful year for everyone and therefore also for me. More has happened in my life than ever before in a year. My unforgettable beautiful memories of my father who would have reached the age of 100 this year. My brother who accepted death and a dear friend who died unexpectedly; my dear friend Szilvia who left for Mexico and where it is still unclear if and when we will see each other again; the world in the grip of an incomprehensible pandemic; and I've also moved again, which suddenly feels completely unimportant. It is very turbulent and that turbulence is far from over.....

For example, there are the ailments of old age that start to impose themselves and I also notice that the circle of people around me is shrinking. People disappear from my life because of death on the one hand and because of the loss of connection due to a complex connection of all kinds of reasons on the other. On balance, the quality of the connection in my circle per person is increasing and my love for the people in my smaller circle is getting deeper.

my circle

The people in my circle are also becoming less diverse. In the past, many more people fit into my circle, with the result that there were also contradictions and frictions, but these remained unspoken or were lost in superficiality, so that the circle was maintained. I found the loss of people from my circle undesirable, because it gave me the idea that others wouldn't accept me. Not the quality, but the quantity of my circle was important to me, with the result that all kinds of sham relationships/connections arose.

In 2021 I noticed that that is changing. Some friendships and family ties grow closer, others fade, or even seem to no longer exist.

my morals

The basis of everything I have stood for all my life is as follows.

  1. I love everyone, but I can't possibly connect with everyone.
  2. I have respect for everyone and I grand everyone to be live, I know of any exceptions.
  3. Everyone is allowed to make individual choices, even if I wouldn't want to make those choices myself.
  4. I am willing to take responsibility for people's choices and I accept the consequences of choices and people's behavior. I love people, even if I don't like their behavior.
  5. I do not exercise power over others and I do not force people to choose or behave differently.
  6. I try to convince people of why I think they should consider a different choice, or a different behavior, but in the end I leave every person in her/his value.
  7. I am not a judge, I am not a prosecutor and I am not the executioner. Others have been appointed for that.

Summarizing these seven points: "I am a living person who, out of humility, loves my fellow man unconditionally and approaches everyone with an open mind."

Division of humanity

The world population has been divided into different groups since time immemorial, such as religion, race, ethnicity, wealth. This division will continue for countless centuries. I do believe that there will come a time when we will all be one group forever. No more divisions and everyone lives together with love and respect. The best estimate I can currently make about when it will be that far is that unfortunately I won't see that moment in any case.

That feels a bit sad, but also realistic. It also feels a bit lonely, because finding like-minded people is not easy. And that has not become any easier in 2021, because a division has again arisen worldwide and this time it is in principle about the sovereignty of man. The following questions are addressed here:

  1. Are there limits to the integrity of the human body and if so, which ones?
  2. Who is allowed to make decisions about the body of a living human being?
  3. Is there self-determination when making choices about your health, and about your death?
  4. Is there a right to confidentiality regarding the status of your health?
  5. For all the above questions, the question is when does the group interest take precedence over the individual interest and who gets to decide that? In other words: "Who is in control of the living human being and/or her/his body?"

The key question

There is therefore a threat of a permanent split within all existing groups, with the key question being who has or will have the control of the human individual. This new division will have a major impact on the makeup of the circle of people around us.

Anyway, I don't know the answer to that key question. It is - thank God - not my competention. If I wanted to, I could probably defend every scenario with scientific evidence and know that there are other scenarios that can be scientifically substantiated as well.

For a long time now it is no longer about science with all the substantiated facts. It has become a political issue and therefore a struggle. So I no longer delve into the facts, because countless other people are already working on that and I really have nothing useful to add to that.

And as for politics, ..... (well, sigh, ....) I prefer to be silent, but let me just say this: "The only important thing for me is that the new division is a fact. It happens. and it will most likely remain that way for a very long time.”

my message

And now it's almost Christmas 2021. I see people being absorbed into that atmosphere. A nice feeling. It's also nice to see new perspectives and plans, whether or not feasible, if we look a little ahead to next year.

My thoughts during these days go out first of all to the people in my beautiful little circle that I wrote about before. They are my refuge and with them I can be who I am. Thank you for everything you want to do for me. Sorry for everything I disappoint anyone.

Let us realize that we can only make progress together. Decline and standstill threaten if we lose our connection further. Our great challenge is to reconnect with a growing number of people on our planet and with a growing need for control that threatens our intrinsic freedom. Our sovereignty and our right to self-determination are at stake.

Furthermore, I think that everyone knows that we exhaust the Earth due to our overconsumption. We must therefore drastically change our consumption behavior. There is no other way. We owe it to the animals, but also to each other.

 To the leaders of the world I would like to ask: "Guarantee the sovereignty and self-determination of every living person."

This is my Christmas message and I have proclaimed no truth. This message is nothing more or less than a personal insight. I don't know the truth. I sometimes say: "Whoever says he knows the truth, has already lost sight of the value of that truth before that...."

Rather tell each other what you are unsure about. Share your doubts and ask each other questions, instead of knowing all the answers and understanding them at the same time." Be sweet, reserved and give room for a conversation. Only together can we make a society. That applies to everyone and therefore also to me .

I wish all readers a wonderful Christmas. Celebrate the Feast of Light in the light of each other's eyes.

© Markant - Meet Me December 2021

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