25 May 2021

Apartheid 2.0 - English

Ethnic groups and races have been discriminated as long as we remember. Yet mankind continues to seek fraternization and live peacefully side by side.

We strive for mutual respect, connection and love between people. We have learned our lessons in the past and we know that we still have a lot to learn. Yet humanity has managed - on its way into the twenty-first century - to make a new division into groups, in which equality is at stake.

I baptized it Apartheid 2.0.
In the beginning, mouth masks were touted to us as providing protection mainly to other people and less to yourself. The vaccinations, on the other hand, are purely to protect yourself. The reasoning seems to be that protecting the others is no longer necessary once everyone has been vaccinated and / or if group immunity has developed.

There is no group immunity (yet). Also, not everyone has been vaccinated yet. After all, not everyone has had their turn yet, but there are also people who do not want to be vaccinated anyway, or who still have doubts. These are choices that everyone is free to make. Everyone has the freedom to choose whether or not to want to be protected. So there will soon be two groups of people: vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

However, it is becoming increasingly clear that not wanting to be vaccinated must be paid by permanently surrendering freedoms. Specific:
  • once the vaccination passport or certificate is operational, vaccinees will no longer have to wear a mouth mask, keep their distance and no longer need to be tested. These measures will continue to apply to the non-vaccinated;
  • moreover, the group of vaccinated people is given back freedoms that the non-vaccinated people only get back if they have themselves tested each time. The non-vaccinated must therefore always prove that they are healthy. The vaccinees no longer have to prove this, because they are protected.
In any case, having to prove that you are healthy is an undesirable development, but that this doesn’t apply to everyone, I find unacceptable. Certainly in light of the fact that the proponents of the measures and vaccination invariably appeal to solidarity. But what is solidarity if only the vaccinees get privileges, while the vaccinees can still get corona and infect others with it? In the meantime, solidarity has shrunk to within the group of vaccinated people.

Welcome to the world of the new normal. The World of Apartheid 2.0. The book “Animal farm” on a global scale: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” George Orwell was a visionary.

In any case, the non-vaccinated will have to learn to live permanently with fewer freedoms and no one can say: "Wir haben es nicht gewusst." As the Germans said after World War Two.

Wish you all the best and who knows, maybe some miracle will happen. I keep praying for it, if only for my posterity.

© TrefMij May 2021

P.s. Perhaps needles to say:
  • I am in favor of the corona measures on a temporary basis;
  • I think corona is more dangerous than flu;
  • I don't believe in conspiracy theories;
  • I am very careful so that I do not infect anyone.
  • I disapprove of extremism
  • I am against violence
I am exclusively against apartheid!

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