15 April 2021

Vaccination refugees

Training for long distance swimming...

I live in Malta and like to visit mainland Europe now and then. To visit family and friends. I want to go to children and grandchildren and also to my dear ancient mother, who is already wondering whether I will be present at her funeral. So I can only do that under certain conditions.

I am therefore now training for long distance swimming. Maybe then I can secretly swim to Italy without electronic health certificates. Although it is more than 200 km, it is worth something I think. If I can do that, that in itself would be proof of my health, don't you think?

Or maybe I will become part of a new group of refugees. The “Vaccination Refugees”, who make the crossing to Europe in rickety rubber boats. Oh no, Malta is also Europe. So it will be fleeing within Europe. You know, that union in which there is free movement of goods and people. Well, that will soon be free movement of goods and people who are willing to prove and make public that they are healthy. 

The reception in Italy - if I don't drown in the Mediterranean Sea that I love so much - will then
take place in so-called "Wappie camps"[*]. An additional advantage is that I am of Western descent, with a white skin and that the European Union is especially concerned about the fate of its own people. For that group of refugees who live within that Union, the quality of the reception will probably not be as deplorable as for the people who are currently staying in the Greek refugee camps? If the situation is deteriorating, Governments might have to send their European citizens back to their own country within the European Union…….

Eh……, well I have summer on my mind and hope that one day wisdom will prevail again. I am sitting under an umbrella by the sea and a glass of white wine. Just one glass, because I want to do quite a few laps to swim again soon….

© TrefMij Juni 2021

[*] Wappie, meaning in Dutch: a feeble-minded person. Recently it got the meaning of a conspiracy believer, a complotwappie. A person that believes in qanon, chemtrails and Bill Gates conspiracies etcetera is a wappie.

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